Sunday, January 2, 2022

Sneaky Snowstorm to Kickoff the New Year

What appeared to be a minor storm system sliding to the south and east of the area has gradually shifted north and west in the past day or two. Some parts of the region may be looking at a plowable snowfall late tonight and into tomorrow morning. With that said, the level of uncertainty is VERY high with this setup - only a few miles may make a significant difference in the amount of snow that is received. 

Some key points that will be important - 

1) This is a relatively fast moving storm system. At any given location - the snow may fall for less than 12 hours (some guidance is even shorter). 

2) Areas south and east are currently favored for the heaviest snowfall totals. 

3) The warm temperatures and wet ground preceding this system will likely cut down a little bit on snow totals.

4) There will be a very, very sharp cutoff in the snowfall to the northwest. Exactly where this cutoff sets up will be important for exact snowfall at any given location. This could be a situation where Frederick, MD receives only a coating or flurries, while areas on the southern half of the Capital Beltway receive 6 inches or more. 

A full analysis post will be coming later today.