Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Tough Forecast for Thursday - Storms Possible

Another pleasant day is on tap for today. Low humidity and temperatures a bit higher than yesterday will make for a nice day. Wind will be a lot less of an issue today with only light winds across the area. Enjoy today...tomorrow will mark a return of warmer and significantly more humid conditions.

By tomorrow morning, dewpoints will be on the rise as they head up to the upper 60s and potentially even the lower 70s. This type of humidity is quite uncomfortable. Highs tomorrow will be well into the 80s. The humidity will make it feel like it is even warmer as well.

During the afternoon and evening, there is a chance of thunderstorms across the area. However, the various computer models disagree significantly on the coverage of thunderstorms. The best threat for storms (potentially severe) will be well north of the area into Pennsylvania and New York state. However, storms will also be possible across the DC/Baltimore area. IF storms do form and move across the area, the ingredients are in place for a potentially significant severe weather event. Again, best odds being to the north.

There is an "Enhanced" risk for severe storms outlined by the NWS Storm Prediction Center for extreme Northern Maryland and Pennsylvania. A lower risk is in place for the rest of the area. Large hail and damaging winds would be the primary threats.

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Strong Storms Possible Thursday

Beautiful weather is dominating the area today as Canadian high pressure is in control of our weather. Breezy conditions will persist throughout the day but winds will start to calm down towards sunset and into the evening. Low temperatures tonight will be in the 50s in the cooler suburbs to the low 60s in the urban centers.

The next chance at rainfall will be late Wednesday night and then on Thursday. Odds are not super high at this point...but there is a chance for severe weather. We are already outlooked in a day 3 risk for severe storms from the NWS Storm Prediction Center.

Moderate to strong instability will develop across the area on Thursday afternoon with warm air and dewpoints rising into the 60s. There will also be sufficient wind shear to sustain updrafts. However, forcing may be a bit limited and thus storm coverage is a big question mark. In fact, there are some models that leave our area mostly dry.

It is also worth noting, however, that sounding analogs indicate that there is an elevated risk for significant hail growth if storms are able to develop and grow upscale. It is too far out to say anything with any certainty.

The NAM model showing pockets of moderate to strong instability in the area for Thursday afternoon. 
Something to keep an eye on regardless of the end result. Memorial Day forecasts will come into focus in the next day or two as well.